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Why Use Composite Mats for Transmission and Distribution Projects?

Oct 5, 2021 3:36:56 PM

T&D work platform using MegaDeck HD

Utility crews are often challenged with creating reliable access to remote job sites through rough terrain and wet, soggy, or other tough ground conditions that increase the risk of expensive machinery and equipment getting stuck or damaged. With safe conditions for crews and efficient access to job sites being among top priorities, Power Companies are specifying composite mats for their transmission and distribution projects.

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What are composite mats?

Composite mats are a safe, reliable temporary roadway and site access solution designed for heavy-duty worksites. Made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), composite mats offer superior strength and reliability that allows crews and equipment to safely gain access to remote job sites. Composite construction mats can be used for a variety of T&D applications including:

  • accessways over extremely soft ground
  • temporary roadways
  • staging sites, working platforms, laydown yards
  • ground protection for sensitive areas
  • protection of prepared subgrade
  • foundation for cranes and heavy-haul equipment


What are the benefits of composite mats?

In addition to enhancing safety and efficiency on job sites, composite mats are an environmentally compatible temporary roadway solution that can be reused without fear of cross-contamination. Composite mats are also a sustainable alternative to wood mats that offer a variety of benefits, including reducing fire hazards and project costs and providing a significant ROI.

To learn more about how composite mats can improve your transmission and distribution job sites, check out our Composite Matting Guide for T&D Specifiers.

MegaDeck HD composite mat for T&D