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MegaDeck HD Composite Mats Support the Heaviest Loads Over the Toughest Terrain in the Most Challenging Environments

MegaDeck HD heavy-duty composite mats are designed specifically for high-traffic work sites, such as power transmission, oil rigs, and construction sites. MegaDeck HD mats create a stable work platform or temporary roadway in extremely soft and wet ground conditions.

MegaDeck HD heavy-duty composite matting



7.5 ft L x 14 ft W x 4 in H

2.3 m L x 4.3 m W x 10 cm H


1,095 lbs (497 kg)

Weight Load

600 psi, depending on subsurface conditions

Shipping Info

U.S. standard truck: Up to 43 mats
40 ft ISO shipping container: 40 mats
20 ft ISO shipping container: 20 mats, 1 stack 20 mats high
U.K. lorry/EU trucks: Up to 50 mats


Stronger, Safer Protection

MegaDeck HD composite matting creates strong, stable, nonshifting work platforms or temporary access roads that reduce the risk of accidents and protect your personnel and your equipment.

MegaDeck HD’s overlapping flanges, interlocking design, and secure connection system creates one continuous surface that prevents drifting, separation and hopping under heavy rolling loads or over soft ground. Signature's heavy-duty composite mats are semi-buoyant, providing reliable support for heavy equipment and cranes in wet and muddy conditions.

Composite swamp mats

Composite Matting with Minimal Environmental Impact

MegaDeck HD heavy-duty composite mats are made from non-toxic HDPE, which protects vegetation and environmentally sensitive areas and will control soil compaction, preventing time consuming and expensive remediation efforts. Signature’s construction mats eliminate cross-contamination between worksites and the possible transmission of parasites, chemicals, oils, mold and insects. Mats will not rot or degrade, which allows for long-term installations with minimal environmental impact. At the end of each use, mats can be easily cleaned.

MegaDeckHD sustainable composite mats

Sustainable Composite Mats

Signature’s composite mats are a sustainable temporary roadway solution that helps limit deforestation and conserves one of the Earth’s most precious resources. With proper care and maintenance, MegaDeck HD composite construction mats can be used on countless projects for 10+ years and at the end of their life can be downcycled to create new products.

Faster Installation

Save time and money with efficient installation. MegaDeck HD's heavy-duty overlapping flanges stay securely in place with vibration-resistant S2 Lock technology that stays locked, even in challenging environments.

MegaDeck HD's innovative engineering

Tougher Through Innovative Engineering

Signature's MegaDeck HD composite mats are engineered with a cross-ribbed interior that distributes weight across the entire surface and a sealed design to protect sensitive environments. Mats will withstand extreme temperatures and have anti-static additives to reduce the potential for static buildup.

MegaDeck HD efficient transport

Efficiency and Durability

MegaDeck HD construction mats are properly sized to easily ship 40 mats in standard ISO containers and flatbed trailers, helping you save on shipping costs. Mats offer a work life of 10+ years in most environments and minimize equipment wear and tear to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

MegaDeck HD composite construction mats for heavy-duty applications

MegaDeck HD Applications

Get your heaviest projects done safely, quickly, and efficiently. MegaDeck HD composite construction mats are designed for a wide range of heavy-duty applications, including:

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Do I need equipment to install MegaDeck HD composite mats?

Yes, each MegaDeck HD mat weighs 1,095 pounds and is typically installed using a forklift.

Why are MegaDeck HD mats better than wood mats?

MegaDeck HD mats will last for years. Each mat distributes weight better, will not rot, splinter or absorb water or contaminants, and can be washed, moved and reused making it a great alternative to timber mats for heavy equipment. Learn more about the benefits of composite mats vs. wood mats

How long will MegaDeck HD mats last?

MegaDeck HD mats are extremely durable with a life span of 10+ years. Mats are easily cleaned, stored and transported for multiple uses.

Can you configure composite matting in multiple layouts?

MegaDeck HD's length is twice its width for flexibility in layout options.

Do composite construction mats drift or separate?

MegaDeck HD's overlapping flanges and secure connection system creates one continuous surface, preventing drifting, separating and hopping under heavy rolling loads.

What is MegaDeck HD’s load capacity?

MegaDeck HD's HDPE construction and cross-ribbed interior provides added strength that supports loads of up to 600 psi, depending on the ground conditions.

Work Platforms and Staging Areas

MegaDeck HD composite matting creates strong, stable, nonshifting work platforms that can be used for staging equipment and material construction in any environment.

Portable Roadways

MegaDeck HD’s strong overlapping and interlocking system prohibits differential movement between panels, ensuring a strong stable surface for over-sized construction equipment.

Reliable Temporary Site Access for Construction, Pipeline & Other Heavy-duty Applications

MegaDeck HD construction mats protect expensive equipment and vehicles from sinking into soft, wet, or muddy ground conditions that can cause costly repairs and project delays.

Oilfield Rig Mats

MegaDeck HD composite rig mats speed up drilling site preparation, access, and usability, helping to keep your projects on schedule and ensuring speedy site remediation.

MegaDeck HD and Timber Cranes Mats

MegaDeck HD composite mats and timber mats can be stacked to create stable work platforms that support cranes, other heavy equipment, and extreme loads from T&D towers over very soft and marshy ground conditions.

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