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SignaRoad is the Most Versatile Medium-duty Composite Mat in the Industry

Designed to be used in a wide range of applications, from temporary road mats for remote utility repairs to portable event flooring and accessways for concerts, music festivals and other outdoor events, SignaRoad composite mats provide superior temporary access for almost any vehicle, and have an efficient, easy-to-use connection system.

SignaRoad composite matting


Actual Size

6.8 ft L x 10 ft W x 2.5 in H

(2 m L x 3 m W x 6.4 cm H)


496 lbs (225 kg)

Weight Load

400 psi

Shipping Info

U.S. standard flatbed truck: 90 mats
40ft ISO shipping container: 90 mats
20ft ISO shipping container: 45 mats
U.K. lorry/EU trucks: Up to 120 mats

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Strong, Safe Access Matting

SignaRoad composite matting creates strong, stable, nonshifting work platforms, temporary site access and pedestrian walkways that reduce the risk of accidents and protect your personnel, guests and equipment.

SignaRoad’s interlocking design features overlapping/underlapping flanges that lock together to create a continuous surface over uneven and soft ground and prevents shifting, separation and hopping under heavy rolling loads.

SignaRoad mats with minimal environmental impact

Composite Matting with Minimal Environmental Impact

SignaRoad access mats are made from non-toxic HDPE, which protects vegetation and environmentally sensitive areas. Signature’s construction mats eliminate cross-contamination between worksites and the possible transmission of parasites, chemicals, oils, mold and insects. Mats will not rot or degrade, which allows for long-term installations with minimal environmental impact. At the end of each use, mats can be easily cleaned.

SignaRoad temporary roadway and access mats

Sustainable Temporary Roadway Mats

Signature’s composite mats are a sustainable temporary roadway solution that helps limit deforestation and conserves one of the Earth’s most precious resources. With proper care and maintenance, SignaRoad composite construction mats can be used on countless projects for 10+ years and at the end of their life can be downcycled to create new products. Addtionally, SignaRoad mats are properly sized to easily ship 90 mats in standard ISO containers and flatbed trailers, helping you save on shipping costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

Lock and Go Connection System

Save time and money with fast, efficient installation. SignaRoad’s proprietary molded cam locks and composite pins self-align the overlapping flange to tightly secure the mats and prevent mud from seeping up to the surface. The “lock and go” ultra-secure connection is achieved with a simple twist of a standard hex key.

SignaRoad composite mats for construction

Innovative Engineering

SignaRoad mats are molded from a proprietary blend of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and special impact modifiers. Their weight-saving ribbed interior structure adds strength and allows for easy handling by a standard forklift.

SignaRoad composite mats for heavy haul loads

SignaRoad Applications

SignaRoad is strong enough to withstand heavy haul loads but versatile enough to be used in a myriad of diverse applications, including:

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Can I drive and turn on SignaRoad mats?

Yes, you can drive and turn most common vehicles and loads on SignaRoad mats, including tractor trailers, forklifts, backhoes, pickups and other heavy equipment.

Do I need equipment to install SignaRoad mats?

Yes, each SignaRoad mat weighs 496 pounds and is typically installed using a forklift.

How long will SignaRoad mats last?

SignaRoad mats are extremely durable, easy to clean and easily transported, with a life span of more than 10 years in most applications.

Can SignaRoad composite mats be used for roadways and pedestrian walkways?

SignaRoad mats are designed with two tread patterns: roadway and pedestrian walkway. This dual tread pattern allows for dual purpose, even on the same project at the same time. Both patterns are designed to function well with mud, sand, dirt, or other common onsite obstacles such as oil and grease.

Can you configure SignaRoad in multiple configurations?

Yes, mats can be staggered to provide multiple configurations.

Laydown Yards

SignaRoad composite matting creates strong, stable, nonshifting laydown yards that can be used for staging equipment and material construction.

Work Platforms

SignaRoad construction mats create stable, hygienic surfaces for crews and equipment. Its anti-slip traction patterns are designed to function well with mud, sand, dirt, or other common onsite obstacles such as oil and grease.

Outdoor Event Flooring for Concerts and Festivals

With SignaRoad, you can safely install staging, drive forklifts, move vehicles, and place equipment over turf, track, sensitive surfaces or soft ground conditions.

Pedestrian Accessways

SignaRoad access mats easily create a clean, safe and ADA compliant pathway for guests and personnel over virtually any ground condition.

Military and Disaster Relief

SignaRoad provides quick to deploy, easy to transport temporary roadway and shelter flooring solutions that meet the rigorous demands of military and disaster relief applications without delay.