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Specifications: OmniDeck™ HD

Module Size

6 ft L x 3 ft W x 1½ in H (18 ft²)

1.8 m x 0.9 m x 3.8 cm (1.67 m²)


55 lbs (24.9 kg)

Weight Load

600 psi, depending on subsurface conditions

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Specifications: OmniDeck™ LD

Module Size

6 ft L x 3 ft W x 1½ in H (18 ft²)

1.8 m x 0.9 m x 3.8 cm (1.67 m²)


36 lbs (16.3 kg)

Weight Load

200 psi, depending on subsurface conditions

Download the Full Spec Sheet

Superior Strength

OmniDeck™ panels are strong and withstand substantial weight loads while protecting the integrity of natural grass, synthetic and hybrid surfaces. Available in a heavy-duty closed-bottom design and light-duty open-bottom design, each panel distributes weight evenly to handle heavy equipment and large crowds. ADA-compliant ramps connect on any side.

Innovative Design and Connection

Both OmniDeck™ HD and OmniDeck™ LD panels install quickly with a simple interlocking panel connection and built-in locking system with no loose parts.

They can be installed in many directions simultaneously and deployed around fixed objects like goal posts, electrical outlets and walls.

Saves You Time and Money

Because both OmniDeck™ HD and OmniDeck™ LD panels are lightweight, with fast omnidirectional installation, they reduce labor and training costs, which means more revenue-producing events with quicker turnaround times. OmniDeck™ panels are also efficient to transport and store.


Built-In Safety Features

OmniDeck™ HD and OmniDeck™ LD panels keep people and property safe with top surface tread for traction, built-in handholds that make them safe and easy for one or two people to carry and install. The dimpled undersurface nests for secure storage and transportation.

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Can OmniDeck™ panels be used with natural turf?

It's recommended that natural surfaces be cut short just before installing OmniDeck™ panels. Natural turf may be watered before installation, but should be allowed to dry before deploying the panels. The translucent color allows sunlight through while built-in indentations allow for airflow.

Do I need equipment to install OmniDeck™ panels?

Because the heaviest OmniDeck™ panel weighs 55 lbs. and can easily be handled by two people, equipment like a forklift isn't necessary, but is helpful. Stacks of panels on pallets may be staged by pallet jacks or forklift across the installation area for faster deployment.

What do you mean by omnidirectional assembly?

Every exposed edge is an available build-out point. This design is intentional to prevent installation bottlenecks common with traditional ground protection systems. The rectangular shape allows for building around pillars and other objects.

Transform Your Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN, protects its new turf in advance of a home and remodeling show.

Trusted by Large Venues

Arthur Ashe Stadium in NY transitioned quickly for a sold-out esports tournament.

Efficient, Fast Installation

Staging OmniDeck™ for fast installation is easy as forklifts move product close to crews.

Innovative Design to Access Subsurface

OmniDeck™ panels allow access to the subsurface by either removing or omitting a panel where needed.

Meets ADA Compliance Standards

Ramps connect on any side to OmniDeck™ HD and OmniDeck™ LD panels to allow ADA-compliant access.

Built for Strength and Safety

The internal honeycomb structure provides strength and safety for equipment and pedestrians.

Panel Systems Fully Compatible

OmniDeck™ HD and OmniDeck™ LD panels are fully compatible, connected by built-in locks to provide protection where you need it most.

OmniDeck™ LD Protects Turf

OmniDeck™ LD protects turf with aeration holes on surface and open bottom for drainage and light penetration.