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Composite Construction Mats

Composite mats are a safe, reliable temporary roadway and site access solution designed for heavy-duty worksites. Made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), composite mats offer superior strength and reliability that allows crews and equipment to safely gain access to remote job sites. Composite construction mats can be used for a variety of applications including:

  • accessways over extremely soft ground
  • temporary roadways
  • staging sites, work platforms, laydown yards
  • ground protection for sensitive areas
  • protection of prepared subgrade

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Composite mats for swamps


MegaDeck HD+ heavy-duty composite mat

MegaDeck HD+ logo

Heavy-Duty Composite Mat

Support the heaviest loads over the toughest terrain with MegaDeck® HD+ composite mats designed specifically for high-traffic work sites, such as power transmission, oil rigs, and construction sites. The strongest interlocking composite mat on the market, featuring an advanced, high-strength MDX Pinning System.

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SignaRoad medium-duty composite mat

SignaRoad logo

Medium-Duty Composite Mat

SignaRoad® is the most versatile medium-duty composite mat designed for a wide range of applications, from temporary road mats for remote utility repairs to portable event flooring and accessways. SignaRoad's interlocking design creates a continuous surface over uneven and soft ground and prevents shifting.

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DuraDeck light-duty composite mat

DuraDeck logo

Light-Duty Composite Mat

DuraDeck® lightweight composite mats are strong, long lasting, and easy to maintain, and provide ground protection and temporary site access. With a firm support base and traction, DuraDeck mats provide safe temporary platforms for vehicles, equipment and personnel over soft surfaces.

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Composite Mat Applications

Quickly and easily gain access to your remote construction site with temporary roadway and access mats.

Create safe and stable work platforms and staging areas for construction crews and heavy equipment over challenging ground conditions.

Portable ground protection mats protect sensitive grounds from damage while providing safe access for vehicles, equipment and personnel.

What Is a Composite Mat?

A “composite” mat is made from two or more different properties that combine to make a more useful product. However, not all composite mats are equal in materials or quality.

Composite mats manufactured by Signature Systems are made from a proprietary blend of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The patented process results in highly durable composite mats capable of withstanding heavy loads.

The nonporous product is strong yet flexible, does not crack, break or absorb contaminants and is environmentally friendly.


Benefits of Composite Mats


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