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DuraDeck Lightweight Composite Mats Provide Ground Protection and Temporary Site Access for a Wide Range of Applications

Quickly and easily create highly portable roadways. With a firm support base and traction, DuraDeck lightweight ground protection mats provide safe temporary surfaces for vehicles, equipment and personnel over soft surfaces while protecting the ground from damage.

DuraDeck light-duty composite mat



4 ft W x 8 ft L x 0.5 in H

(1.22 m W x 2.4 m L x 1.3 cm H)


87 lbs (40 kg)

Weight Load

200 psi, depending on subsurface conditions

Shipping Info

U.S. Standard Truck: 510 mats

ISO Shipping Container 20 ft: 250 mats

ISO Shipping Container 40 ft: 500 mats

U.K. Lorry/EU Trucks: Up to 500 mats


DuraDeck temporary road mats

Cost effective, Environmentally Conscious Alternative to Plywood

DuraDeck construction mats provide a much better return on investment than traditional plywood mats. They are more economical, support much more weight, will not warp, rot, crack, delaminate, or absorb water and contaminants, which allows for long-term installations with minimal environmental impact. At the end of each use, mats can be easily cleaned and reused on multiple job sites for up to 10 years without fear of cross contamination.

Safe, Strong, Temporary Ground Protection

DuraDeck ground protection mats guard sensitive surfaces against equipment rutting while protecting pedestrians from mud and uneven surfaces. DuraDeck mats connect using optional 2-way or 4-way DuraLink metal connectors, which prevent mats from skipping and hopping under heavy vehicle traffic, making Signature’s lightweight access mats safe for use as portable roadways and light-duty work platforms.

Versatile, Reliable Traction

DuraDeck temporary road mats come standard with a rugged traction pattern for heavy equipment on one side and a pedestrian-friendly, non-slip tread design on the other side. The rugged traction pattern prevents equipment spinouts in wet or slippery conditions.

DuraDeck portable ground protection mats

Easy Installation and Efficient Transportation

DuraDeck mats are portable, lightweight and easily installed by one or two people. Up to 500 DuraDeck composite mats can be transported on a standard tractor trailer or ocean shipping container, and the 4 ft. x 8 ft. mats fit inside the bed of most pickup trucks.

Innovative Engineering

Engineered to provide a firm support base and stable traction, DuraDeck lightweight ground protection mats require no special tools to install. Molded from a proprietary blend of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), they can be linked with connectors to form a continuous solid roadway.

DuraDeck pedestrian walkway

DuraDeck Access Mat Applications

DuraDeck mats are strong, durable, long lasting, easy to maintain and engineered to be used for a wide range of applications, including:

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How does DuraDeck protect grass and turf?

DuraDeck mats distribute weight to prevent rutting and point loading from wheels and equipment. Soil compaction is one of the leading causes of turf damage, and DuraDeck mat's wide footprint helps prevent this.

What is the weight capacity of DuraDeck mats?

DuraDeck mats are rated at 200 psi, but can safely support loads up to 80 tons over grassy fields, sand and aggregate surfaces in a variety of applications.

Can I drive and turn on DuraDeck mats?

Drive and turn most common vehicles and loads on DuraDeck mats, including tractor-trailers, forklifts, backhoes, pickups and other heavy equipment.

Reliable Work Platforms

DuraDeck construction mats are robust enough to handle loads up to 80 tons, creating stable, non-shifting work platforms that can be used for staging equipment and material construction.

Quick-installing Temporary Roadways

DuraDeck mats are highly portable, lightweight and can be carried by one or two people, making it easy to quickly install a temporary roadway for near instant access to job sites through unstable ground conditions and sensitive surfaces.

Ground Mats for Heavy Equipment

DuraDeck ground protection mats will not splinter under intense pressure, preventing equipment rutting and damage to sensitive surfaces. Mats can be used on many projects for up to 10 years making them a cost effective alternative to plywood.

Safe Pedestrian Walkways

DuraDeck access mats quickly create clean, anti-slip pedestrian pathways for personnel and guests over wet, soft or muddy ground conditions.

Temporary Event Flooring

Use DuraDeck temporary ground protection mats to bring trucks into an event site over soft ground without causing damage to turf. DuraDeck mats can also be used to provide a firm, dry support base for heavy equipment and tents, or as anti-slip pedestrian paths.