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Our sustainability initiatives are designed to make a positive impact on climate change, reduce our CO2 emissions and preserve and protect natural resources. We actively promote energy efficiency and waste reduction through our strategic manufacturing processes.


Total number of pounds of CO2 emissions reduced, helping to mitigate climate change and preserve the environment for future generations.



Total number of trees saved by using composite mats vs wood, conserving one of the Earth’s precious resources.


In a continued effort to focus on sustainable manufacturing processes and waste reduction, we prioritize environmental responsibility by offering an End-of-Life Recycling Program where customers can earn credits towards the purchase of new composite mats in exchange for their old mats that we recycle and reuse in production.


We’re committed to maintaining a safe work environment that fosters a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, and personal and professional growth. The well-being of our employees and customers remains a top priority and we strive to make a positive social impact by supporting our local communities.



Total percentage of our workforce that voluntarily self-identifies as a minority by ethnicity, gender or disability



Total percentage of our leadership team that voluntarily self-identifies as a minority by ethnicity, gender or disability




Number of training hours completed year-to-date by employees, providing personal and professional growth and development opportunities to our team


Metrics are year to date through July 2023


Our global workforce conducts business under a strict code of ethics with complete transparency to maintain compliance in all that we do. The policies we have in place are designed to ensure we uphold our core values and mission, protecting the best interests of our stakeholders. We value our leadership team’s diverse backgrounds and leverage their unique perspectives to make strategic decisions that drive innovation across all areas of our business.