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Composite Mats — a Sustainable Solution 

Consider the Environmental Impact

As a global citizen, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of every action – material sourcing, setup, cleanup and site remediation processes, cross-contamination, and efficiencies in operations and transportation.

Sustainability doesn’t just mean ensuring the efficient use of resources, it is a strategic and purposeful foundation of your business that acknowledges how your actions today will benefit the broader communities you serve. At Signature Systems, we help you build a positive impact.

In an effort to reduce post-project waste, we have started an End-of-Life Recycling Program for our composite mats.

MegaDeck HD+ access mats

Reusable and Long-lasting

What is the life expectancy of your composite mats?

Signature's composite mats offer 10+ years of service, depending on the application. By comparison, most three-ply or cross-laminated timber (CLT) mats can last from a few months to three years.

MegaDeck HD+ long-lasting composite mats

Regulation Friendly and Recyclable

Composite mats are easy to clean and never absorb chemicals, contaminants, or invasive species. This is increasingly important as some areas have, or are considering, wood mat restrictions with strict cleanup regulations to prevent cross-contamination. Composite mats avoid these regulatory problems.

Composite mats are recyclable at end-of-life and downcycle to other uses, making them a clear sustainability choice.

Efficient transportation for composite mats

Reduced Transportation Costs

Fewer trucks are needed to transport composite mats.

  • One truck will transport up to 43 heavy-duty composite mats for a total of 279 linear feet of roadway. In contrast, two trucks are needed to transport similarly sized 3-ply wood mats for the same linear feet.
  • Fewer truck deliveries mean reduced fuel costs and driver labor, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

Let's discuss your sustainable project