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Convenience. Safety. Compact and Easy.



Actual Size

12 in W x 24 in L X 1.25 in H

(30.48 cm X 60.96 cm X 2.85 cm)

Ships in pre-assembled 3 ft x 2 ft panels


2.88 lbs (1.306 kg) per tile

Weight Load

138 psi / 20,000 psf static load with a solid subsurface

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Versatile Convenience

EventDeck® Ultra provides three unique solutions engineered for safety and convenience for your event and accessway requirements.

EventDeck® Ultra 1: Top drainage holes, allows water and ventilation to penetrate, making it the choice for natural turf and grass.

EventDeck® Ultra 2: Smooth top, no drainage holes, ideal for synthetic turf, indoor areas, concrete and asphalt surfaces.

EventDeck® Ice: Protects ice arena while transforming it into a multiuse center.

Engineered for Safety

EventDeck® Ultra flooring has integrated bidirectional cable channels to create a safer, more level surface. Easily run heavy-gauge power cables, wires and computer cords under the surface of the floor, reducing the trip hazard, while also protecting them from damage.

Compact and Easy to Install Saves You Money

EventDeck® Ultra panels are shipped in compact, pre-assembled panels that can be positioned and snapped together using only your feet or hands, eliminating the need to use tools to install. This saves labor, time and effort for large installations, which saves you money.

Transform Your Ice Rink

Easily convert your ice arena to a multiuse facility. Panels support heavy traffic and payloads, remain stationary and will not slip under forklift traffic while "floating" on the ice surface.

See EventDeck® Ultra in 3D

Safely Protect Your Turf

Fast and easy installation will transform your stadium for any event while protecting your turf.

Easy Connection System

Panels snap together and interlock without any tools for fast and safe installation and disassembly.

Expansion Joints

The patented expansion joint allows for expansion and contraction without buckling or warping.

Tapered Edging

Edging provides a safe, gradual tapered finish along either length or width of panel.

Fast Installation Transforms Your Field

Snap-down connection system enables large installations to be completed quickly.

EventDeck® Ice

Hold events any time of year while protecting your ice and providing a stable, warm, dry and attractive floor for guests.

Stable Protection

EventDeck® Ice remains stationary and will not slip under forklift traffic while "floating" on the ice surface.

Versatile Configuration

Remove individual sections in tents to accommodate center poles, side poles and guy ropes.

Protection for Any Size Event

EventDeck® Ultra protects your grass or turf and provides a safe surface for all your guests.

Compact and Strong Support

EventDeck® Ultra supports heavy traffic, vehicles and payloads to minimize wear, compaction of turf.