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Employee Spotlight: Brian Bogucki

Feb 22, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Brian Bogucki

Brian Bogucki 
Production Lead

At Signature Systems, we are proud to put a spotlight on team members like Brian Bogucki, Production Lead, who through hard work and dedication represents the Signature STRONG spirit.

How long have you been with Signature Systems, and what do you do here?
I have been with Signature for 10 years and my current role is B-shift Molding Lead.

What is your favorite thing about working at Signature Systems?
My favorite thing about working at Signature is the opportunity and encouragement to grow in all areas of my life.

What has been your biggest accomplishment on our team?
Over the years, I have seen Signature accomplish a tremendous amount, from adding new machines and products to increasing moral, but I believe our greatest area of growth has been in our commitment to safety. This commitment makes a huge difference.

How has your career grown since starting with Signature Systems?
My career has grown leaps and bounds since starting with Signature 10 years ago. I have been pushed to grow and welcome new challenges that have improved my overall confidence and abilities.

Do you have a motto or personal mantra?
I like to say, “it’s a new day”. This reminds me that anything can happen and to always have an open and positive mindset.


About Signature Systems

With global headquarters in Flower Mound, Texas, Signature Systems designs, manufactures and distributes composite matting systems for industrial, stadium, government and event clients in more than 60 countries. Signature operates manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities in Orlando and Darlington, U.K. Its industry-leading HDPE composite mats — including leading brands MegaDeck®, SignaRoad®, DuraDeck® and OmniDeck® — are manufactured in the United States.