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Construction Mats for Heavy Equipment – Create Safe Accessways Over Challenging Ground Conditions

A safe work site requires stable ground, especially when heavy equipment is involved. Signature’s heavy equipment mats create a secure base for trucks and other large construction equipment, supporting weight loads of up to 600 psi. Construction mats can be layered if additional support is needed.

Road mats for heavy equipment

Temporary road mats for heavy equipment

Wet, soggy, muddy or marshy ground conditions increase the risk of expensive machinery and equipment getting stuck or damaged. SignaRoad® mud mats safely support heavy haul loads over challenging ground conditions.

Ground protection mats for heavy equipment

Ground Protection Mats for Heavy Equipment

MegaDeck® HD+ composite mats create heavy weight bearing ground protection that diffuse the ground pressures associated with heavy haul loads, reinforcing existing surfaces, and helping to avoid expensive damage and repairs.

Heavy equipment work platform

Safe Work Platforms for Construction Equipment

With overlapping flanges, an interlocking design, and secure connection system, MegaDeck HD+ and SignaRoad composite mats create strong, stable work platforms that prevent dangerous shifting from heavy loads.

Composite Construction Mats for Heavy Equipment and Heavy Haul Roadways

MegaDeck HD+ and SignaRoad heavy haul construction mats prevent expensive equipment, vehicles, and cargo from sinking into soft or muddy ground while providing personnel with safe, dry, anti-slip footing. With reliable work surfaces, jobs stay on schedule, helping reduce project costs.

Additionally, heavy-duty construction mats are made from a non-toxic HDPE material that protects vegetation and will control soil compaction, preventing time consuming and expensive remediation efforts.

Benefits of Composite Construction Mats

Keep your people and equipment safe with temporary roadways for hauling equipment and materials

Fast installation reduces labor costs and speeds up your projects

Overlapping flange and interlocking pins provide fast, secure connections

Sustainable solutions that last up to 10 years providing a significant ROI

Lower shipping costs and longer life compared to wood

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Heavy-Duty Construction Mats

MegaDeck HD heavy equipment mats

Specifications: MegaDeck® HD+

Actual Size

7.5 ft L x 14 ft W x 4 in H (105 ft²)

2.3 m L x 4.3 m W x 10.16 cm H (9.75 m²)


1,025 lbs (464.9 kg)



Weight Load

600 psi, depending on subsurface conditions

Shipping Info

U.S. standard flatbed truck: Up to 42 mats

40 ft ISO shipping container: 42 mats

20 ft ISO shipping container: 20 mats - 1 stack, 20 mats high

U.K. lorry/EU trucks: Up to 50 mats

Download the Full Spec Sheet

SignaRoad mats for heavy equipment

Specifications: SignaRoad®

Actual Size

6.8 ft L x 10 ft W x 2.5 in H

2 m L x 3 m W x 6.4 cm H


496 lbs (225 kg)

Weight Load

400 psi

Shipping Info

U.S. standard flatbed truck: 90 mats
40ft ISO shipping container: 90 mats
20ft ISO shipping container: 45 mats
U.K. lorry/EU trucks: Up to 120 mats

Download the Full Spec Sheet

Heavy-duty Portable Roadways

MegaDeck HD+ construction mats have overlapping flanges and an interlocking design that prevents differential movement between panels, ensuring a strong stable surface for over-sized equipment and vehicles.

30,000 sq. ft. Work Platform in the Backwaters of the Chesapeake Bay

MegaDeck HD+ mats were used underneath and on top of crane mats to create a work platform that supported a 400,000 lb. crane with 300 ft. reach, along with other heavy equipment during a transmission tower replacement project.

Reusable Heavy-Duty Construction Mats

MegaDeck HD+ environmentally friendly composite mats will not absorb or retain harmful chemicals or invasive species and can be used on multiple job sites for up to 10 years, providing a significant ROI.

Mud Mats for Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment mats protect expensive equipment and vehicles from sinking into soft, wet, or muddy ground conditions that can cause costly repairs and project delays.

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