Heavy Haul Construction Mats


A safe work site requires stable ground, especially when heavy equipment is involved. Signature’s composite heavy haul construction mats create a secure base for trucks and other large construction equipment, supporting weight loads of up to 600 psi. 

Need additional support? Signature’s strong, fully interlocking heavy haul construction mats can be layered as needed. They can also be installed, uninstalled, and moved efficiently to create steady surfaces on any work site, anywhere. 

A reliable foundation

Signature’s durable heavy haul mats make a stable and reliable foundation, protecting work crews, property and equipment from the hazards of uneven or muddy ground conditions. 

Unmatched durability

Our heavy haul mats are tested under extreme conditions and are made to withstand heavy weight loads for many years of reuse.

Weatherproof in even extreme conditions

Wood mats absorb moisture, making them heavier and prone to warp. Signature’s composite heavy haul construction mats resist water and retain their strength, making them an ideal choice for even the most challenging terrain.

Easy deployment

Our composite mats can be deployed quickly to create sturdy roadways and platforms that support heavy equipment and protect workers—without slowing down project timelines. When your project is complete, Signature’s heavy haul construction mats are easy to uninstall, clean and reuse.

Years of reuse

Signature's heavy haul mats are easy to clean and reuse, providing 10+ years of safe, sturdy accessways and working platforms. 

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