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Building Sustainable Operations from the Ground Up

Signature Systems recognizes environmental management as a corporate responsibility and is committed to integrate environmental and social actions in all its operations. Our core values focus on minimizing waste while providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees.

MegaDeck HD plus mat


SignaRoad composite mat


Our End-of-Life Recycling Program

We consider the environmental impact of every action we take and encourage our clients to do the same, which is why we’ve created an End-of-Life Recycling Program to recycle used composite mats. In an effort to reduce your post-project waste, you can send us your used mats and we’ll clean, grind, and reuse the recycled HDPE material in the production of new composite mats. In return, you’ll receive a credit towards your next composite mat purchase.


Please complete the form below and we will contact you regarding your trade-in value.

Our Sustainable Approach to Manufacturing

Signature identifies, implements, and promotes best practices to ensure our operations result in minimum negative impact on the environment and maximum positive impact on the community.

MegaDeck HD swamp mats

Environmentally Friendly

We are committed to continuous measurement, monitoring, and improvement of our environmental and social responsibility activities, including waste production and recycling efforts.

Sustainable composite mats


We use the latest technologies for energy-efficient manufacturing processes and sustainability.

Recycle and Reuse MegaDeck HD composite mats

Recycle and Reuse

Our post-industrial waste is re-ground and recycled on site.


Let us help you access your most challenging work site safely and efficiently.