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DuraDeck ground protection mats

Middlesbrough Bridge Dismantle, U.K.



Middlesbrough, a large industrial town located on England’s northeast coast, was facing concerns over a pedestrian bridge that had become structurally deficient and dilapidated. The bridge needed to be dismantled but it was surrounded by soft turf on all sides, making heavy equipment access difficult. Additionally, the borough had concerns about protecting the surrounding turf from unnecessary damage.

The large construction company responsible for the dismantling needed to position a 56-ton crane and 30-ton low loader alongside the bridge to remove it. They wanted to avoid removing the grass and laying a temporary tarmac surface, as this would have been costly and time-consuming. Instead, the company used Signature's DuraDeck ground protection mats to quickly build a temporary and heavy-duty roadway that could be placed over the grass.

DuraDeck mats are highly portable and capable of supporting vehicles weighing up to 72 tons. They were used to create a temporary surface next to the bridge covering 165 feet of grass. A separate 65-foot stretch was used to divert traffic, making the work site safer and more efficient.

The DuraDeck mats not only supported the heavy equipment but also protected the soft ground, leaving the turf undamaged while preventing additional time and resources to repair the area afterward.

“Using DuraDeck ground protection mats saved us a tremendous amount of time and effort. Without them, we could never have finished the whole job in just one weekend, as preparing the site before starting work and reinstating the field at the end would have been a long-winded process. DuraDeck mats not only allowed us to reduce costs by working more efficiently, they also minimized inconvenience to residents of the area.”

“After the protection had been down for five days, the only sign it had been there was slight discoloration of the grass – and just two weeks later, this had completely disappeared.”

— UK Construction Contractor Responsible for Bridge Dismantle


The Project: Heavy-duty ground protection for soft turf surrounding a bridge infrastructure

The Location: Middlesbrough, England

The Challenge: Support a 56-ton crane and 30-ton low loader without damaging the grass and soft ground

The Need:

  • Temporary all-drivable surface
  • Easy setup and removal
  • Support heavy equipment
  • Protect turf

The Solution: DuraDeck®

56-ton crane supported by DuraDeck mats

Crossover bearing heavy vehicles

Temporary roadway diverted residential traffic

Bridge construction underway atop DuraDeck