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3 Signature Standouts Make ‘40 Under 40’ List

Dec 9, 2019 2:57:00 PM

To succeed in the events industry in 2020, “you have to be dynamic, you have to be flexible, and above all, you have to be in tune with attendee desires,” according to socialtables.com, in “19 Event Trends That Will Shake Up Meetings & Group Business in 2020.”

Three of Signature’s own — Lashanda Blake, Tammy Leranth and Spencer Vacula — have all of the above and were recently honored for their events contributions by being named to Exhibit City News’ “40 Under 40” list in the publication’s November/December 2019 issue.

Signature Systems’ HR Director Jennie Stephens says, “We are honored but certainly not surprised that three of our standout employees were recognized by Exhibit City News for their contributions in the events and trade show spaces. We see their product expertise and enthusiasm for helping our customers and partners achieve extraordinary results every day.”

Blake’s passion for helping people makes their events come to life. “There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that I had a hand in someone else’s creative vision,” Blake says in the article.

As for Leranth, “It doesn’t take long for you to see Tammy’s greatest strengths—it’s her attention to detail combined with a fantastic memory,” says Kenneth Mecca of Mecca Design & Production, who works with Tammy on trade show packages for Signature Systems.

Vacula earns his colleagues’ and industry respect for keeping his cool under pressure in the fast and furious event business. He especially enjoys coordinating client and vendor needs in a tight window, assuring all parties that the perfect product will be delivered on time.

The Signature events team looks forward to 2020 as forecast trends include strong growth for the meetings and events industry, plus a move toward the “festivalization” of conferences that include live music to attract younger entrepreneurs.

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