Temporary Roadways


Access your worksite quickly and safely

Moving heavy equipment like cranes, excavators and trucks through unstable ground conditions can introduce safety and timeline concerns to large projects. Dirt, rocky surfaces, swampland and other unsteady ground conditions create access challenges, put workers at risk and slow down progress toward project completion.

If your construction or distribution project involves moving equipment over unpaved or uneven terrain, composite mats made by Signature Systems create a temporary roadway solution quickly and easily. 

Safer working conditions

Signature's durable mats make stable and reliable temporary roadways, protecting your crews, property and equipment from the hazards of uneven and muddy ground conditions. Additionally, Signature’s composite mats provide non-destructive site access that minimizes site remediation.

Fast deployment and cleanup

Signature's mats can be deployed quickly to create sturdy temporary roadways that protect equipment and people without slowing down project timelines. They are easy to install, uninstall and prep for your next project.  


Composite mats are significantly lighter than wood mats, steel plates and gravel, adding efficiencies to your transportation plan. 


Signature's composite mats are engineered for performance—they don’t crack or break under extreme conditions with heavy loads. 


Unlike wood mats, Signature's composite mats are made to withstand the most challenging terrain. Wood mats absorb wetness, making them heavier and prone to warp , our composite mats resist water and retain strength. 

Years of reuse

Signature's durable mats are easy to clean and reuse, providing 10+ years of safe, sturdy temporary roadways and ground protection. 


Whether your project requires vehicle access, a steady working surface, temporary roadways, turning lanes or any ground protection need, Signature mats are up to the task. 

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