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Your company’s number one priority – SAFETY – is our company’s number one core value and priority – safety on the job site, safety for your people and work crews, safety for your vehicles, equipment and property. Signature Systems protects customers around the world by designing, engineering and manufacturing composite matting systems that keep people, property and equipment safe.

The safety of your people, property and equipment – your company’s greatest investment – requires strategic support and planning. Ground protection improves access for your personnel to your work sites, provides stability and protection on the job site and limits damage to the environment for the duration of your project. Signature’s industrial matting can help you achieve your safety plan while protecting your investment and bottom line.

How does composite matting keep you safe?

Keep Your Personnel Safe

  • Provide safe access to challenging, difficult or remote work areas over any ground conditions
  • Create a stable surface or work platform with traction to safeguard personnel in any climate or weather conditions


Keep Your Equipment Safe

  • Provide accessways over any terrain – Avoid mud, soft and unstable soil conditions to protect your equipment while getting your vehicles and equipment safely to the job site
  • Create material staging areas, platforms, roadways with turning or passing lanes that keep your vehicles out of unsafe conditions
  • Provide stability for heavy trucks, cranes, rigs and vehicles to safely work with maximum strength to weight efficiency
  • Provide stability on work sites with limited maneuverability and challenging height to load ratios requiring safe, nonshifting work platforms

SignaRoad utility roadway

MegaDeck HD platform for T&D



Learn more about how Signature's composite mats can enhance your safety plans to protect personnel and equipment

MegaDeck HD for heavy construction equipment


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