Big landscaping projects may involve sizable crews or the use of heavy equipment. You need to be able to easily and safely get numerous trucks and people to the job site— without damaging or rutting the ground on the way. 

With our wide variety of ground protection mats, including light-duty pathways for personnel and medium- to heavy-duty options that can support heavy machinery, we have what you need to protect the ground and create a stable surface at any work site. 

Safety and accessibility

Whether you need to quickly and easily create stable pathways for crews to use on landscaping projects, or safe, sturdy ground protection for large equipment, our ground protection systems  can help make your landscaping projects safe and successful. 


Unlike traditional plywood mats, Signature’s ground protection mats are made from weather-resistant composite material that doesn’t absorb water. That means they don’t warp, rot, or degrade, and are easy to clean and reuse. 


All of our ground protection mats, from light-duty all the way to heavy-duty,  are easy to assemble, disassemble, clean, move, and reuse— meaning your crew can spend less time and energy protecting the ground and more time landscaping it.  

Years of reuse

Signature’s composite ground protection mats are made to stand the test of time, and are designed to provide years of ground protection and job site safety.  

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