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Protect Turf and Other Sensitive Surfaces from Damage During Landscaping and Tree Care Projects

Safely and easily get crews and equipment to job sites without damaging or rutting the ground on the way with landscape mats from Signature Systems.

Matrax 4x8 TNG work platform

Work Platforms

Landscape composite mats create clean, safe, nonshifting work platforms through work zones that support heavy equipment while protecting sensitive surfaces from damage.

Matrax 4x8 TNG temporary roadway

Temporary Site Access

Protect the turf and surrounding environment while helping crews, trucks and heavy machinery to quickly access landscaping works sites.

DuraDeck ground protection mats

Staging Areas for Equipment

DuraDeck® ground protection mats ensure equipment and supplies stay out of the mud while providing personnel with a strong, stable footing that helps prevent accidents, keeping projects on schedule.

Cost-effective alternative to plywood 

Treated wood mats degrade quickly when exposed to the elements. Rainwater and chemical spills can also leave the surface of wood mats slick and dangerous for workers and equipment alike. Signature Systems’ DuraDeck ground protection mats are engineered for dependable performance and long life, eliminating the cost of purchasing plywood for every job.

Composite mats provide a much better return on investment than traditional plywood mats. They are more economical, support much more weight, and will not warp, rot, crack, delaminate, or absorb water and contaminants, which allows for long-term installations with minimal environmental impact. At the end of each use, mats can be easily cleaned and reused on multiple job sites for up to 10 years without fear of cross-contamination. 

For heavier-duty landscaping applications, see SignaRoad® composite mats or contact us to speak with an expert about your project.

Speak With an Expert

Composite landscaping mats

Composite landscape mats are a cost effective, environmentally conscious alternative to plywood mats.

Composite Landscaping Mats

DuraDeck composite mats for ground protection

Specifications: DuraDeck®


4 ft W x 8 ft L x 0.5 in H

(1.22 m W x 2.4 m L x 1.3 cm H)


87 lbs (40 kg)

Weight Load

200 psi, depending on subsurface conditions

Shipping Info

U.S. Standard Truck: 510 mats

ISO Shipping Container 20 ft: 250 mats

ISO Shipping Container 40 ft: 500 mats

U.K. Lorry/EU Trucks: Up to 500 mats

Download the Full Spec Sheet

Landscaping and Tree Care Projects

Create stable, nonshifting platforms and quick-installing, temporary roadways that safely support tree trimming and landscaping equipment.

Quick-installing Temporary Roadways

Landscape mats are extremely lightweight enabling quick installation. At just 75 lbs., they are easy to move around a job site.

Turf Protection

Create clean, anti-slip pedestrian and vehicle pathways to job sites while protecting turf and other sensitive surfaces from damage.

Stable Work Platforms

Composite mats safely support heavy machinery over challenging ground conditions, preventing expensive machinery and equipment getting stuck or damaged.

Learn more about how our landscape mats can protect sensitive surfaces