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Safe. Strong. Compact. Efficient.




4 in L x 12 in W x 0.75 in H

(10.16 cm x 30.48 cm x 1.91 cm)


0.27 lbs (0.1 kg) – 0.8 lbs/ft² (4 kg/m² )

Weight Load

56 psi static load, solid subsurface


Safe and Strong Protection

EventDeck® is ideal for temporary pedestrian pathways to protect guests and sensitive surfaces.

Integrated cable channels keep wires and power cords under the surface to reduce trip hazards.

Versatile and Compact

The EventDeck® flooring system offers versatile options for any size event surface and accessway.

EventDeck® 1: Designed for natural turf protection with tiny surface holes to allow for drainage and air flow

EventDeck® 2: Completely flat, smooth surface suitable for use over synthetic turf or hard surfaces

Efficient Installation Saves Time and Money

EventDeck® flooring's connection system helps with fast installation and dismantle times. Adjoining sections can be nudged into place and snapped down easily.

Pre-assembled, compact sections are easy to clean, transport and store, saving time and labor costs. 

Versatile and Fast Installation

EventDeck® sections adjust easily around curves, accommodate tent center poles, side poles and guy ropes.

Keeps People Safe

EventDeck® has integrated cable channels to create a safe, level pedestrian friendly surface, keeping people safe.

Fast Venue Transformation

EventDeck® ground protection system goes down fast so you can transform your venue fast with minimal labor.

Versatile Ground Protection

The EventDeck® temporary flooring system can be configured or expanded to suit your event venue and protect any surface.

Efficient, Saves Labor Costs

EventDeck®'s interlocking design allows for rapid uninstallation and removal with minimal labor and no equipment.

Edging for a Smooth Transition

Tapered edging attaches to panels, offering a smooth transition for added convenience.