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Composite mat roadway for Powerline Tower Replacement

Wales Powerline Tower Replacement, U.K.


MegaDeck® HD Composite Mats Keep Reinstatement Costs to a Minimum After a Powerline Tower Replacement Project

When access was needed through a farmer’s field to replace a powerline tower, a utility access company in Wales, U.K. chose MegaDeck HD for its temporary roadway solution. The safety of the crew and equipment over extremely soft ground conditions and keeping reinstatement costs to a minimum were among the top priorities for the project.

To access the powerline tower, the setup crew of four installed 250 linear meters of MegaDeck HD, which were interconnected to form a temporary road with turning pads at each end. A liner was placed under the mats to allow for additional mud suppression over the soft ground as well as extra drainage in anticipation of wet, rainy days. MegaDeck HD composite mats allowed utility crews to safely cross the farm field with no damage to the ground, keeping reinstatement costs to a minimum.

Customer Challenges:

  • Safe accessway for crew, heavy machinery, and equipment over extremely soft ground conditions with standing water
  • A temporary road that had a flexible layout to allow for turning/passing lanes
  • Reinstatement cost concerns

Signature Systems Solution

MegaDeck HD mats provided:
  • MegaDeck HD provided a safe temporary roadway capable of safely supporting crews, equipment, and heavy machinery over extremely soft ground with standing water.
    • Secure connection system provides a non-shifting surface.
    • Overlapping flanges, and a sealed design prevent water and mud saturation.
    • A hollow ribbed interior provides superior performance and strength over soft ground.
    • A propriety blend of HDPE makes mats semi-buoyant over wet, soggy ground conditions.
  • MegaDeck HD provided a flexible layout with turning/passing lanes.
    • Dual-sided design allows for ease of installation and multiple configurations.
    • Mats lock together preventing hopping, shifting, and sliding under turning equipment.

  • MegaDeck HD minimized clean-up costs.
    • Made from HDPE, a non-toxic material that protects vegetation and controls soil compaction, reducing the time needed for site remediation.
    • Composite mats won’t splinter or crack under intense pressure, leaving behind bits of debris that will pollute sensitive environments.


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