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Utility Construction Services (UCS)

MegaDeck® HD proves its strength on a 9-mile temporary roadway and 30,000 sq. ft. platform in the swampy backwaters of the Chesapeake Bay

Utility Construction Services (UCS) of Elkton, Maryland, chose MegaDeck® HD for its composite matting solution when planning for a 9-mile long transmission line repair/replacement project in the swampy backwaters of the Chesapeake Bay. Limited access and changing tidewaters made the project particularly challenging. In addition to several repairs, one of the old transmission towers needed to be replaced and required a work platform strong enough to support a 400,000 lb. crane with 300 ft. reach.

UCS used MegaDeck® HD to build the roads through the marsh, hopscotching the mats in 1-mile sections. At the end of the road UCS created a 30,000 sq. ft. platform that supported more than 500,000 pounds of equipment to install a new 220 ft. monopole. And, the platform had to be installed less than 30 ft. from the Nanticoke River.

The MegaDeck® HD platform was strong and stable with a fleet of bucket trucks, cranes and loaders filling the area to replace the electrical transmission tower. Utility Construction Services used nearly 2,000 MegaDeck® HD mats on this project for AUI Power, an electrical utility contractor in the Mid-Atlantic.

“The MegaDeck®HD mats are incredibly strong and gave us a solid roadway and platform in some of the worst conditions we’ve seen. Installation was fast and smooth as we were able to unload and install a truckload of mats (40) per hour with one equipment operator and three laborers.”

– Bill Seaser, Matting Operations Manager for UCS

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