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Turf protection for U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium


OmniDeck® Stadium Turf Protection System for High-End Events

The state-of-the-art U.S. Bank Stadium required a versatile, heavy-duty turf protection system to facilitate hosting numerous events on its field between games and during the off-season. Jeff Klein, Assistant Director of Operations at U.S. Bank Stadium, sought a reusable turf protection system capable of supporting heavy vehicles, stages, and pedestrian traffic while safeguarding its newly installed turf. Additionally, given the frequency of events, it was crucial that the system allowed for quick and hassle-free installation.

OmniDeck emerged as the optimal solution for U.S. Bank to transform their stadium into a multi-purpose venue. Not only would it protect their newly installed turf during events, but the lightweight panels also allowed for fast and easy omnidirectional installations. Stadium personnel could install up to 130,000 ft² of OmniDeck for their events, showcasing its rapid deployment and easy removal, thereby allowing for quicker turnaround times.

With OmniDeck in place, U.S. Bank Stadium successfully hosted more revenue-producing events while preserving their expensive turf and ensuring the safety of workers and visitors.

“A lot of stadiums only use the deck eight to twelve times a year, whereas we use it 40 to 60 times, and a majority of those are high-end dinners or galas where the turf protection is more than just turf protection; it is the actual floor for the event. OmniDeck not only ensures the field is protected but also looks good for all our events.”

— Jeff Klein, Assistant Director of Operations, U.S. Bank Stadium




The Project: Stadium turf protection for events at U.S. Bank Stadium

The Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Challenge: Fast, reliable heavy-duty turf protection that looks good for high-end events

The Need:

  • World-class playing surface protection
  • A 100% drivable surface
  • Rapid installation and removal
  • Versatile, reusable protection

The Solution: OmniDeck®