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Turf protection for Puskas Arena



OmniDeck® Turf Protection Positions Puskás Aréna to Host World-Class Events

One of the largest state-of-the-art multifunctional arenas in Central Europe, Puskás Aréna required a versatile, heavy-duty turf protection system to host major concerts and other large events. The turf protection system needed to be reusable and capable of supporting heavy vehicles, large stages, and pedestrian traffic while ensuring longevity and protection for the turf below.

Tony Booth, Signature Systems’ Vice President of Sales (UK & EMEA), proposed to the stadium officials the strong and quickly deployable OmniDeck composite mats to safeguard the arena’s turf. OmniDeck’s rapid omnidirectional installation, and its innovative universal-attachment design, not only saved on labor costs but also supported the quick turnarounds necessary for transitioning from national sports to large events and back again in record time. The dependable strength of OmniDeck protected the turf during equipment setup, staging, and high-tech screen installation, providing a front-row experience for every seat.

Puskás Aréna successfully installed 104,742 ft² (9,731 m²) of OmniDeck and hosted several world-class concerts, featuring renowned artists such as Depeche Mode, Guns N’ Roses, and Rammstein providing a great return on their investment.

“Puskás Aréna needed a turf protection solution that was drivable to allow promoters and production companies the flexibility for massive staging and infrastructure in the arena. We chose OmniDeck panels for the entire stadium, ensuring a future filled with safe events, quick and easy installations and reliable protection for the turf below.”

— Tony Booth, Vice President of Sales (UK & EMEA)




The Project: Stadium turf protection for large events at Puskás Aréna (the Hungarian National Stadium)

The Location: Budapest, Hungary

The Challenge: Reliable, fully drivable system with a fast installation process that would last for years

The Need: A multi-purpose venue for hosting non-sporting events, such as concerts and festivals, within the arena bowl and on a grassed area outside the stadium

The Solution: OmniDeck®