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OmniDeck flooring at Arthur Ashe Stadium

Arthur Ashe Stadium


OmniDeck® protects iconic tennis courts for inaugural Fortnite World Cup

Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, home of the U.S. Open, in late July 2019 hosted the inaugural Fortnite World Cup, including a giant two-story stage and extensive video and electronics equipment for three days of sold-out video game competitions. Just a few weeks later it would transition to its biggest and highest-profile event, the 139th edition of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships.

The stadium installed Signature Systems’ OmniDeck panel protection system for the event to protect the playing surface to efficiently make the transition, also allowing for the heavy equipment necessary to dismantle the esports setup quickly and with strategic labor investment.

Having a floor that protected the iconic stadium’s biggest asset — its hard-surface tennis court — was vital to facility managers and planners.

“Like most venues that are doing events all the time, the turnaround time for assembly and disassembly is really critical from a timing and also a cost standpoint. Having the confidence level that this floor is going to be able to withstand the demands was certainly a factor in my decision to use OmniDeck. Just the sheer size and weight of what we’re trying to do is a first for us. So having a floor that protects our biggest asset is vital.”

—Operations planner at Arthur Ashe Stadium




The Project: Drivable reusable stadium playing surface protection for large events

The Location: New York, New York

The Challenge: Esports world cup competition, reusable for multiple events per year

The Need:

  • World-class playing surface protection
  • All drivable surface
  • Rapid setup and removal
  • Translucent color
  • True multipurpose event applications
  • Reusable protection

The Solution: OmniDeck®