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Turf Protection


Successful events have a lot of moving parts, including heavy equipment and spectators that can cause damage to sensitive surfaces. With our turf protection systems, you can keep your natural, synthetic, or hybrid turf protected from unnecessary wear and tear. 

With a variety of options, including light-duty pedestrian pathways and medium- to heavy-duty drivable options, we have what you need to create a stable surface, keep your guests clean and safe, and protect your turf. 

Safety and accessibility

Heavy foot traffic from large crowds can badly degrade and damage turf, leading to unsafe conditions for visitors. When you need to quickly and easily create stable, reliable pathways for spectators, our light-duty flooring mat systems are an easy way to protect your turf, as well as the visitors who need to move around on it. 


Whether your event space is being used for shows, festivals, sports games, or community events, we have the turf protection systems you need to protect your ground from heavy use. Easily create safe and accessible pathways with our light-duty panels, or create drivable surfaces for heavy equipment with our medium- or heavy-duty options. 

Easy access

Our turf protection systems make it easy to create access for crews and heavy equipment during construction and set-up, as well as reliable pedestrian access during your events. 


Our light-duty flooring and matting panels (such as OmniDeck mats or HexaDeck tiles) are lightweight and compact, making them easy to set up, disassemble, and store for years of turf protection and guest safety.  

Learn more about how our mats can make your construction site safer