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Industry-Leading Design and Support

Rely on our expert team as you select the safest and most efficient composite mats for your work site. We're here to help support you from installation to completion to make your project a success.


Heavy-Duty Matting

MegaDeck® HD works where you work, engineered for all ground and climate conditions and high-traffic demands for construction, power transmission and distribution, oil rigs and more.

Our heavy-duty mats provide stable, nonshifting work platforms or access roads, reducing the risk of accidents and protecting your personnel and your equipment.


Medium-Duty Matting

From temporary roadways for remote utility repair projects to pedestrian accessways for concerts and festivals, SignaRoad® mats provide superior temporary access and ground protection for almost any vehicle, with advanced design features and an easy-to-use connection system.

SignaRoad® is an eco-friendly composite mat that will not absorb or retain harmful chemicals or invasive species, so it won't transfer contaminants to other job sites or storage facilities, providing superior sustainability.


Light-Duty Matting

Ideal for a wide range of construction and ground protection applications, DuraDeck® portable access mats provide safe and efficient access for vehicles, equipment and personnel.

DuraDeck® construction mats are a much better return on investment than traditional wood mats. They are easy to transport and can be installed by one or two people, saving time and money. Mats are easy to clean, store and can be reused for many years.


Let us help you access your toughest projects safely as well as quickly.