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Versatile Event Flooring
for Large and Small Events

Whether you need stable accessways, temporary flooring for a special event or ground protection mats, we have all you need to protect guests and property to make your event a success. Our event solutions team can help you navigate tight deadlines and budgets, providing expert guidance to plan your event from the ground up.

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Outdoor event tent flooring

Outdoor Event and Tent Flooring

Keep your workers and guests safe while protecting sensitive surfaces with portable outdoor event and tent flooring.

Ground protection mats for festivals

Festival Mats

Create safe, temporary flooring for festivals over soft ground conditions or stadium turf with composite mats.

Ground protection mats for commencements

Commencement Flooring

Transform your stadium into a multi-purpose venue. Host commencements and award ceremonies with stadium event flooring and turf protection.

Event flooring for concerts

Concert Mats

Host concerts while protecting your sports turf with composite mats that are capable of supporting heavy equipment, large stages, video and sound towers.

Beach access mats and portable beach walkways

Beach Access Mats

Create safe, ADA compliant, portable beach walkways and platforms with quick-installing beach access mats.

Event flooring for weddings

Wedding Flooring

Quickly transform your outdoor space into an event venue and back again with portable event flooring for weddings.

Event flooring for trade shows

Trade Show Flooring

Transform your venue with trade show flooring to create a stable and even surface that can hold up to the heaviest equipment and traffic.

Grass protection mats for events

Grass Protection

Use grass protection mats to protect sensitive grass surfaces during an event or construction project.

Stadium turf protection composite mats

Stadium Turf Protection

Protect expensive natural, synthetic or hybrid turf against damage with turf protection systems.


Let us help you select the best event flooring solution for your needs.