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Composite Mats vs. Wood Mats


Composite mats made by Signature Systems are strong, durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. MegaDeck® HD withstands heavy weight loads and will not splinter under intense pressure. The High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) composition provides superior flexibility to conform to ground conditions without breaking.

Here are some other benefits of Signature's composite vs. wood mats:

Efficient installation

Wooden access and rig mats are often 20 ft. long or longer, requiring multiple forklifts or cranes just to put them in place. MegaDeck® HD is easily maneuvered with a single forklift or small crane. Signature composite mats are easy to align and configure in a variety of layouts and have flanges that help to nudge the mats into place. Signature mats will not drift or separate like traditional wood mats.

Stability in any environment

Treated wood mats absorb moisture, making them susceptible to warping and rotting when exposed to wet climates, and introducing the possible transmission of parasites, mold and debris. Additionally, rainwater and chemical spills can leave the surface of wood mats slick and dangerous for workers and equipment alike. By contrast, Signature’s composite mats have an anti-slip traction pattern that provides a consistently safe surface for any worksite, they will not absorb water or contaminants and are easy to clean—no matter the weather. 

More environmentally friendly


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Maximum shipping efficiency

MegaDeck® HD and SignaRoad® ship in standard (8′ wide) ISO shipping containers. This drastically reduces oversize fees and the chance of delays when compared to specialized shipping methods often required to transport wood mats.

Composite mats offer better ROI

Wooden mats may offer lower upfront costs, but they’re only usable about 1/10th of MegaDeck® HD’s expected life span. That limited-use nature, coupled with higher freight costs, means that MegaDeck® HD composite mats are much more cost-efficient in the long-term.


Benefit Comparison MegaDeck® HD versus Wood


MegaDeck®  HD



Absorbs water No Yes
Warps when wet No Yes
Gets heavier when wet No Yes
Loses strength when wet No Yes
Has safety hazards (splinters, loose nails, broken boards, etc.) No Yes
Can rot or be eaten by termites No Yes
Contains arsenic No Possible
Used in environmentally sensitive areas Yes No
Treaded traction surface Yes No
Integrated connection system Yes No
Can be traced, if stolen, using RFID tags and serial numbers Yes No

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