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Turf Protection for Indoor and Outdoor Special Events

Turf Protection for Indoor
and Outdoor Special Events


Safely and fully utilize your stadium, gymnasiums or outdoor spaces while protecting your playing surfaces and turf

OmniDeck™ panels enable you to host commencements, award ceremonies, special events and socially distanced gatherings at your facility while protecting your property and keeping your guests safe.

OmniDeck turf protection

OmniDeck panels for turf protection



Strong. Innovative. Efficient.

OmniDeck™ turf protection panels feature an innovative design that can withstand substantial weight loads while protecting the integrity of natural grass, synthetic and hybrid surfaces.

The panels are omnidirectional, easy to install, engineered to support vehicles and pedestrians, cost-effective and secure with built-in safety features.


Breese Stevens Field

Superior Strength

Strong and durable, OmniDeck™ panels distribute weight evenly to support heavy equipment and large crowds.

  • Protect your turf
  • Host large & small events
  • Reuse for many years

OmniDeck innovative design and connection

Innovative Design and Connection

Installs quickly with a simple interlocking panel connection and built-in locking system. Build from all sides, in any direction and around obstacles. Connect ADA compliant ramps to any side.

  • Versatile configurations
  • Sized to meet your needs
  • Good-looking, high-quality flooring

OmniDeck easy install

Saves You Time and Money

Lightweight and fast to assemble, OmniDeck™ speeds up your installation and breakdown times.

  • Easy lift for two installers
  • Can be deployed quickly
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean

OmniDeck panels

Built-In Safety Features

OmniDeck™ panels feature a top surface tread for traction, built-in handholds for safe and easy carrying, and a dimpled undersurface that nests for secure storage and transportation.

  • Non-slip surface on top
  • Breathable surface on bottom
  • Strong interlocking prevents movement

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